Kids and Dogs

For as long as I can remember, I have loved dogs. Some of my earliest memories involve reading (upside down) books to our family pets - well before I knew how to read - and brushing my dogs' teeth, because I thought they could benefit from better breath. To me, dogs have always been a resting place; a break from people, yet a connection to something vibrant with life. The connection that dogs have with people is one that surpasses our understanding, and goes to a soul level. For this reason, I See Red celebrates the connection between pets and humans, using a couple of dogs as main players in both main characters' lives.

The character of Dallas is enriched when he learns that his dog can be more than a pooping machine who lives in his backyard. The moment this little boy learns that his pet is now his companion, Dallas moves forward in life; with perhaps the first stable friendship he has ever developed. For Zoe, a dog is used as a bridge between brokenness and healing; an unsuspecting tour guide in a new season of her life. In real life, I have seen dogs bring the most amazing joy in periods of sadness, and refreshing energy to people who need it most.

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